Brand History

MIRA watch was established in Switzerland in 1896 and it was born with an inextricable connection with the Universe. Its name was derived from a giant and powerful red binary star, which is 350 light years away from Earth residing amidst the constellation of Cetus. The star was discovered by astronomer David Fabricius in 1596, later named by Johannes Hevelius in 1662 as “MIRA”, meaning “wonderful” and “astonishing” in Latin. With the attributes of the star, MIRA is drawing the world’s attention with a combination of sophisticated, innovative, and remarkable quality watches with intelligent design and craftsmanship. MIRA today carries a 4M logo representing for Miraculous, Marvelous, Magical and Magnificent. These characteristics perfectly fit with the brand’s identity.

Year 1596

This giant red star was discovered for the first time by astronomer David Fabricius.

Year 1662

The star was named by Johannes Hevelius as "Mira" meaning "wonderful" and "astonishing" in Latin.

Year 1896

Mira was established in Switzerland to represent a brand of intricate timepieces.

Year 1896

Mira has been synonymous with superb design and fine craftsmanship that transcends time and space.

Year 1896

The Mira Automatic Men's Watch Series with the Felsa Bidynator calibre movement emerged in the late 40s and is regarded as the predecessor of all modern automatic watches.